Every so often, a car comes along that changes everything in terms of performance, technology or cool factor. These cult cars tend to attract car fans so strongly that they create a kind of gravity surrounding them. Don’t get me wrong, I love these cars too, and call me a fanboy, but it doesn’t make it any less true. Its often the greatest cars that attract the most arguments and I would say its better to be controversial than boring.


Every car guys got a friend like this. If you don’t, you’re probably the friend! Hondas certainly attract a lot of attention from enthusiasts and rightly so. Exciting VTEC engines, nimble chassis and rock solid reliability are all factors that would make you go out and buy a Honda or Acura vehicle. That being said, some of the die-hard Honda fanboys take it too far in my opinion. These are the type of people who swear that their 2.0 VTEC will destroy practically anything in a race, once it eventually kicks in. Of course, by the time their VTEC has kicked in, they have just been smoked by whoever was racing them. These guys tend to have cut springs on their cars, a fart can and are usually vaping whilst cruising down the highway. When you’re next out and about, see if you can spot one of these types. It probably won’t take you long!

Nissan GTR Fanboys

When the Nissan GTR was first introduced in 2007, it revolutionised everything we thought we knew about cars. Rapid pace, incredible grip and a supercar beating ability drew crowds of fans by the thousands. The GTR is probably one of the most highly argued about cars on YouTube, resulting in 100 comment long battles of “My mustang could beat this GTR anyday” vs “American muscle sucks”. The Nissan GTRs initial low pricetag, around £70,000 in the UK just added fuel to the fire, resulting in further arguments with Ferrari and Lamborghini fans claiming “its not a real supercar”. I would argue that it is, and the drag racing videos against cars double the price will confirm this. What cannot be argued is the performance of the GTR, but I would be willing to bet that many of the GTR fans are too young to even have a driving licence! I have to admit, when it came out, even I was this guy! The GTR is due to be replaced soon, so I wonder how the fanboys will react to the R36 model.

Muscle Car Fans

Warning – do not upset this group. You will be 20 comments deep and before you know it, the argument will have switched from V8 engines to all out political warfare. You know the type. This sort of guy thinks that the LS big block is a divine creation from god. We all love a good chevy LS motor, but the American muscle guys think that no other engine can compete. Often thought of as a rival to the JDM tuner groups, American muscle fans will always go for something made by Chevy, Ford or Dodge. Straight line speed is all that matters to these folk!

VW Fans

Unofficially the hipsters of the car world, the VW Guys are a strange bunch. Why not stand out from the crowd with a roof rack, rat look or scraping front bumper. Oh wait, every other VW fan has this as well. Performance is rarely an issue for these dudes, meaning the leaves, stones and driveways you scrape your car on wont concern you. VW guys are usually vaping fans, but do not confuse these guys with the Honda fans. These guys will defend almost every Volkswagen vehicle, even the notoriously rubbish ones. This look has now spread out to the Volkswagen group vehicles, because all the good cars have “already been done”. As strange as this group is, it creates some weird and wacky creations and that makes life more interesting for everyone!

The Tesla Guys

If you enjoy watching Tesla vs Lamborghini videos on YouTube, you’re probably this guy. To some extent, it seems like the GTR fans have jumped ship to Tesla’s. They have good reason to! 0 – 60 in under 3 seconds for a family saloon is extraordinary. A lot of Tesla fans have never sat in, driven or even seen a Tesla in real life, not that that stops them from fanboying. At last, electric vehicles are starting to gather enthusiasm from car enthusiasts, rather than just eco warriors who hate pretty much every fun car.

Which car did I miss? Which group would you be in? Let me know in the comments.