The supercar market is suprsingly small and even with all the crazy-rich Sheiks, Chinese tycoons or Wall Street businessmen; the number of cars sold in this class is actually very limited. That said, it doesn’t stop numerous small companies from trying their luck at making exotic and expensive supercars. Of course, not all of those boutique brands manage become household names. In fact, the majority of them disappear from the market after just a few years. Even so, their cars are often interesting pieces of design and engineering. Lets get started.

Zenvo TSR

The only Danish supercar company, Zenvo, presented its first model in 2016 called the TS1 GT. However, at the same time, this interesting manufacturer also unveiled their track-only model called Zenvo TSR. As you might expect, the TSR is a much more focused piece of machinery with less weight, a large carbon-fiber wing, and a new aero package. On the interior, there is a 6-point roll cage and carbon dash, with all the luxuries removed to save weight. The power train remained the same though and the TSR has the same insane twin-supercharged 5.8-liter V8 with 1100 HP. Strangely for a track focused car, its top speed is actually electronically limited. At 202 mph to be precise!

Fenyr SuperSport

The Fenyr SuperSport is a Lebanese supercar built by the United Arab Emirates-based company Feynr. Using Porsche-designed engines made by RUF in Germany, and the whole car is assembled in Graz, Austria. Although thoroughly modern, very expensive at 1.4 million dollars and very fast (2.7 seconds 0 to 60 mph time and 245 mph top speed), the Fenyr SuperSport is not that new. In fact, it was first unveiled in 2013 under the name Lykan Hypersport, and despite the initial positive response from wealthy customers, its 3.4 million dollar base price proved to be too much for most, even for insanely rich Mid-Eastern oil billionaires. The Fenyr SuperSport is essentially a modified version of the Lykan just with some aesthetic changes.

Italdesign Zerouno

Italdisagn has been a well-known automotive designer for over 40 years. Started by the famous Giorgetto Giugiaro, this design house developed hundreds of cars for the world`s biggest names with most of them being successful everyday models. However, having a supercar in your portfolio has always been a thing of prestige. Probably why Italdesign unveiled the Zerouno in 2017. Using the awesome 5.2-liter V10 and 7-speed DCT transmission borrowed from the Lamborghini Huracan and Audi R8, the Zerouno has a custom carbon and aluminum chassis with a carbon-fiber body. This makes it even lighter and faster than Huracan or R8 but also much more expensive and rare. Unsurprisingly, the production run of 5 coupes and five convertibles were all sold at 1.7 million dollars each.

Sbarro GTC

Franco Sbarro is one of the greatest names in the car industry and customizing business. His company Sbarro started in the early `70s and has produced numerous interesting concept cars, replica vehicles and supercars ever since. His latest creation is called the GTC and was first unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. Sbarro was always known for his characteristic style, and this is evident on the GTC. The car looks like nothing else on the market and apparently is full of specific design solutions. Its all very hush hush. The company has not revealed the full spec or the base price, so we don’t know how fast or how expensive it is. Knowing Sbarro and his unique approach, its likely to be pretty good!

Rimac Concept One

Croatia is a small country in the Balkans known for its beautiful Adriatic coastline, not exactly for its car industry though. In 2013 however, the small company located in Sveta Nedelja, near Zagreb shocked the world with the introduction of the fastest electric supercar in the world. Named the Rimac Concept One it has a power output of 1,241 HP and can reach 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds. Its top speed is electronically limited to 211 mph too. Not bad! Besides having extremely powerful motors, the Rimac Concept One has an advanced torque vectoring system which helps achieve high cornering speeds and overall handling of the car. The Concept One has pretty much changed the game though and was one of the first cars to introduce electric power into the supercar class. It was also one of the first $1 million electric cars, gaining most of its notoriety being the car that Richard Hammond crashed while filming an episode of The Grand Tour in 2017.

I’m sure there are loads of other hidden supercars? Let me know if you know any in the comments.