Imagine this. You’re a young individual obsessed with cars. You’re at the start of your career and regardless of your education, the only thing that motivates you has four wheels. To do something in the automotive sector would be great, but you don’t really know what to do. This list might give you some guidance!


It is one of the most obvious choices if you’re into vehicles and requires a certain set of skills and determination, but being a car mechanic is always a good proposition for car lovers. Think of it as being a doctor for cars and regardless of the electronic components manufacturers put in modern models, there will always be a need for skilled mechanics to sort things out. Your career perspective can include opening your own shop or specializing in special cars, tuning or restoring classics. Either way, you will be closely involved with various types of vehicles throughout your day and you’ll get to learn about them, repair them and maybe even improve them. The automotive world cannot go on without the support from an army of mechanics.

Car Wrapper

In recent years, we have witnessed the rise of vinyl wraps for cars as a legitimate way of changing a car`s appearance and protecting the paintjob. Car wraps went from being just a gimmick to being a fully accepted way of covering your car, used by the world`s biggest names, tuning houses and large manufacturers. Also, wrapping has become much serious business with companies producing more and more designs, investing into new materials and technology. All of this means that car wrapping is a legitimate area where young people can find employment and base their career. This line of work will provide freedom to create and combine different designs and even improve factory color choices and combinations. Since car wrapping is here to stay, you can be confident that there will be plenty of work in the future.

Car YouTuber

Being a car YouTuber is a relatively new way of pursuing your career in the automotive sector but it is nonetheless a very interesting and dynamic way of turning your passion into a job. YouTube is full of interesting car related videos and there is so much content left to be done, although it isn’t as easy as it looks of course!

You can choose to be a driver, tester, camera-man, sound guy or anything related to the niche. Either way, YouTube or Online Video is a fantastic media for a car enthusiast since there is the chance to reach like minded people!

Article Writer or Blogger

Car journalism is almost as old as the automobile itself. The first car magazine, Britain`s Autocar was printed in 1895 and is still active today as one of the most respected names in the automotive press. So, writing about cars is a legitimate and well-respected profession with a long tradition and numerous possibilities. To be a successful auto journalist, you first have to possess an immense knowledge about the industry and car history with constant learning on daily basis.

You will also need to soak up as many magazines, books and various publications as you can to develop the taste for written word. Regardless of writing talent you may have, you will have to spend as much time writing and editing your texts to fully understand what the writing is all about and develop your own style and way of presenting the information. Only then you will gain respect of the community and your articles will be regarded as reference points.

In modern times, technology has made publishing articles easier without the limitations of printed media, so if you aren’t keen on being a part of a bigger car magazine team or site, you can always start your own blog and be a fully independent car writer. If you become successful enough, expect invitations from manufactures to travel abroad and review new models.


Some would say that car detail shop is a fancy way of saying car wash but this is far from the truth. Car detailing shops are much more than that and in recent years the detailing business has been booming making this a legitimate career choice. The main purpose of car detailing is not just to clean your car but to make a car as shiny and brand new looking as possible. Also, detailing includes special treatments, which will preserve the shine of your paint job, ceramic coating and interior. Think of it as Botox treatment for your car and a way of making it look beautiful and presentable. Since detailing is not a cheap process and there are multiple levels of service, it is a promising career for young people, and the customer base is getting bigger and bigger each day.

Car Broker

For our sixth and final item on the list we wanted to put car salesman, but since we figured out that car salesmen and dealers haven’t got such a stellar reputation in the car community we realized that the best way to be involved in cars and make money sourcing and selling them is to be a car broker. For those who don`t know what a car broker is, it is a person or a company which specializes in finding and selling specific cars to exact customer’s specifications and budgets. Most car brokers are specialized for one type of cars or brand and they have fantastic knowledge of the models they sell and know the owners, the community, and are able to find you the desired example in matter of days.

These days, many high end and classic cars are sold through car brokers who talk with the client, get all relevant information and then find cars that would be interesting to prospective buyers. To be a regular car salesman, you don’t need to know cars all that well. You just have to have certain social skills and be good with the numbers. To be a car broker however, you have to know a lot more, be precise in presenting the information and know the market, clients and cars you have on offer.

So there you are. Would you like to work in the automotive industry or do you prefer keeping it as a hobby? Whatever your thoughts, let me know in the comments.