Ever looked at an expensive and powerful sports car and marvelled at the well-designed, well-appointed luxurious interior? Most of us have. Whilst quality materials are commonplace, space certainly comes at a premium on a lot of models, even expensive ones. Here are 6 cars with ridiculously small back seats!

Porsche 911

All throughout its 66-year-long history, the Porsche 911 has been a four-seater, except for some homologation or high-performance versions like new GT3 RS, for example. Ordinary models all had rear seats which ridiculously small amount of space. Back in the early `60s, the Porsche 911 could maybe pass as a usable car for young families, but today this is clearly a two-seater model with two extra seats for pets or bags.

Even if you manage to climb in the back, you will find leg and headroom very restricted, and 911`s back seats usable only in a case of an emergency. That said, it’s a fully legal 4 seater with seatbelts and everything. Maybe it’s the perfect car for young families?

Mercedes 280 SL Pagoda

This one is a fascinating case of absurd back seats. Back in the late `60s, one of the most sought after Mercedes models was the gorgeous 280 SL Pagoda Roadster. Like all SL models before and after, the 280 SL Pagoda was also designed as strictly a two-seater car, but eventually Mercedes did offer unique third seat option.

The so-called “California Coupe” had no canvas top, only removable hardtop and came with the third seat mounted sideways behind the passenger. The seat was tiny and very narrow, but apparently, this configuration had some legroom. Today, this model is very obscure, and most Mercedes fan turns to regular roadsters.

Audi TT

Even though the Audi TT is built on a VW Golf platform, the rear seats are nothing like the ones in Golf Mk7. The TT is a sports coupe, and its design clearly limits the amount of room in the back. In fact, the rear seats aren’t usable even for small children since the leg, and headroom is extremely small and small side windows make riding in the back very claustrophobic experience.

However, there is one upside, and it is the fact that rear seat can be folded, giving some extra space to the boot and making a TT somewhat of a practical and affordable sports car. Space or not, its still a registered 4 seater vehicle!

Nissan Skyline GT-R R35

Its really tough to criticize Nissan`s sublime Skyline GT-R R35. After all, this is a car which is capable of almost 200 mph top speed, reaching 60 mph in just over 3 seconds and slaying nearly every supercar. The GT-R is one of the biggest legends in the sports car world, and it is still relevant and amazing even 12 years after the introduction, which shows how good the original concept was. However, there is one area where the GT-R R35 has not met the expectations. You guessed it, rear seats. The Skyline is technically a 2+2 coupe, which means that there are two seats in the back. I wouldn’t bother though. When you open the doors you will soon realize that no adult can sit there, even for shortest trips, unless maybe you don’t have legs! Still, the GTR has decent boot so it is somewhat of a practical sports car!

Peugeot RCZ

When we first saw the RCZ in 2009, we were smitten by cool design, double-bubble roof, and lively performance. The RCZ is a very brave car and not something you would usually expect from Peugeot. With up to 270 HP, the RCZ is also pretty capable little coupe which serves as a more extravagant and stylish alternative to Audi TT or Volkswagen Sirocco.

If you look at its rear seats however, you might be unpleasantly surprised! The back seats of the Peugeot RCZ are in fact pretty much a padded shelf with shape of the seat but no comfort, no leg or headroom at all. I wouldn’t of even want to think about travelling long distance, but they are legitimate seats. On the other hand, the RCZ has a big boot which is good to know but I’d suggest you don’t bother even trying to use the rear seats.

Lotus Evora

The Lotus Evora is an excellent sports car and with a 3.5-liter V6 and supercar performance. Lotus really stepped things up with this model, being not only one of the most potent Lotus cars ever but also one of the most practical. But yes, you guessed it, the Evora is a four-seater! Before you think it is a perfect sports car for you and your family however, I have to tell you that it would be difficult to even fit the baby seat, let alone two kids or teenagers.

Why Lotus even bother to put two seats in the back, wrapped it in leather and install two seatbelts if they are unusable. Probably for insurance reasons, or to market the Evora as a more practical proposition than the Elise or Exige.

Does your car have tiny back seats? Have you ever sat inside a car like this? Let me know in the comments.