In every car enthusiast`s life, buying their first car is a pivotal moment. You’ve passed your driver’s test, got your license and you are on your way to fulfilling a lifelong dream of owning a car. But, what car to buy? Most young car guys have a very limited budget and must choose wisely considering insurance, reliability, fuel economy and so on. Having all of that in mind, here’s why the Honda Civic is, in fact, the perfect 1st car.

Ten generations and over 18 million sold

The Civic is one of the best selling compact cars of all time and has been on the market since 1972. This means that there are literary millions of cars to choose from, depending on your budget as well as your preferences. The Civic is known to be an affordable car whether new or used. This model is also a global bestseller and the majority of 18.5 million sold in the last 46 years went to USA and Canada.

The worldwide popularity of this car also suggests that no matter where you live, you will be able to find the perfect car according to your needs. From bone stock base trim models to high-performance Type R cars. Of course, not all Civics are the same and trim levels, equipment and body styles vary from different markets.

Easy to work on

Being able to work on and maintain your first car is an extremely satisfying experience and if you are someone who likes spending afternoons wrenching, the Civic is perfect. Regardless of the generation, model year or trim level, all Civics have straightforward mechanics, decent access to the engine bay and are easy to maintain.

If you opt for an older car, which is also cheaper, you will get a less complicated vehicle without modern electronic systems. Such a car will be ideal for learning basics of car mechanics, maintenance and performing necessary repairs. The Civic community is enormous and there are countless tutorials and how-to articles online, so you can find all the help you need. Then, all you need to maintain or repair your car is ambition, a set of ordinary tools, spare parts, and Google. There is no better feeling if you are a young car person than knowing that you repaired or serviced your own car just as a professional would. It brings the sense of accomplishment and motivates you to learn and achieve more.


Whenever there is a discussion about Hondas, one thing comes up as a universal truth and that is reliability. Simply put, Hondas are generally super reliable and dependable cars regardless of model or version. Even the older, high mileage cars are still pretty sound and capable of traveling thousands of miles more than their rivals. The secret is relatively simple, perfect engineering, quality materials, and thorough testing.

This suggests that your Civic will also perform flawlessly and be dependable transportation in every condition. Reliability is extremely important and crucial when buying a first car. If your parents help you purchase the car, you will much more easily talk them into buying a Civic by using reliability as a selling point. Compared to some other similarly priced vehicles, Civics are far less likely to break and have engine failures which makes them very desirable starter cars.

Various engine choices

Over the years, Civics have been produced with numerous different engines and almost all of them are petrol units. Honda introduced diesel Civics a couple of years ago but this model is only sold in Europe and few selected markets worldwide. Under the hood of Civic, you can find engines ranging from small and economical 1.3-liter four-cylinder engines all the way up to the powerful and smooth 2.0-liter units and even 2.4-liter motors for the North American market.

We know that young car guys are always looking for performance and Civic is a pretty sound choice if you are looking for a hot hatch. If you can afford and insure it, there is always the Type R version with up to 300 HP in the latest model. Ok, maybe having 300 HP and blisteringly fast hot hatch as a first car is not such a great idea, but older Type R models also offer much driving fun with less powerful engines thus being less dangerous in inexperienced hands.

Affordable insurance

Insurance is always a problem with young drivers so your first car has to be something sensible, inexpensive, slow and dependable so the insurance fee is affordable. If you buy a second hand Honda Civic with the smallest engine, decent mileage and service history, you live in the mid-class neighborhood and don’t have any previous traffic tickets or accidents, you can insure your car for a couple hundred pounds per year which is pretty affordable compared to some other cars.

Of course, the price of insurance will significantly go up if you try to insure a second hand Type R as your first car and you probably wouldn’t be able to afford it. Yeah, we know you are itching for that V-Tec sound and Type R performance but you will have to wait a few more years for that.

Aftermarket support

As one of the favorite tuner`s cars, Honda Civic enjoys enormous support from aftermarket companies. We are not talking just body kits, spoilers, bumpers, and trim, we are talking serious suspension, engine and drivetrain components. This aspect of Civic ownership is very appealing since you can transform your car into something unique.

If we bought the Civic as our first car I would concentrate on subtle body modifications, cool-looking wheels and possibly sports suspension. This way would make your Civic look better with more aggressive stance and appearance but without affecting its performance and fuel economy.

So there you are. Is the civic the ideal first car at all, or can you think of a better one. Let me know in the comments below.