If you are a real car enthusiast, hang around people with common interests, follow social media accounts that are car related and you thoroughly enjoy your hobby, it is very hard to understand that there are guys out there that don’t care about cars. Yeah, we don’t understand them either, but apparently, there is quite a large percentage of the population that think of cars as just point A to point B transportation devices and nothing more. However, even those people smile when they see interesting cars on the streets. Here are 7 cars that even non car-guys love and find interesting.

Mini Cooper Mk1

Regardless of your level of automotive knowledge and interest, a classic Mini Cooper or Cooper S is always a welcomed sight to see. Simply put, the Cooper Mk1 always stands apart in modern traffic with its tiny dimensions and classic details like chrome grille. Quite often, owners dress up their Coopers with wide alloy wheels, racing or patriotic graphics designs on the roof or white stripes on the hood which symbolizes the Mini`s fantastic racing history and heritage.

Even if you’re not a car person, you will understand that this tiny car represents a gigantic achievement in the motoring industry as a model which revolutionized its class by presenting transversal engine and front wheel drive in a mass produced vehicle. Today, almost 60 years later, all compact cars have this layout.

Aston Martin V8 Vantage

Most hard-core car enthusiasts were born in times when seeing a Ferrari was an event and a cherished memory, but we now live in a world where expensive cars are a daily occurrence. If you live in any of the world`s major cities, seeing exotic cars is nothing new or special. However, seeing an Aston Martin is still kind of special regardless of the model. The famous British brand possesses a certain mystique which is rare on any production model, so it often gets the attention of non car guys.

Interestingly enough, non car people notice even the cheapest Aston Martin V8 Vantage which is also the most common model. Introduced in 2005 and produced until 2017, the V8 Vantage and all of its variants have been made in more than 10,000 examples, which is an enormous number for Aston Martin standards. This also means that early, second hand examples can be had for the price of a new, well equipped family minivan. For non car guys owning an Aston V8 is proof that you are rich even though their family minivan could be more expensive.

Classic American Full-Size Sedans

For people growing up watching American crime movies and TV shows, there is no better visualization of a car chase than two enormous sedans with roaring V8 engines and squealing tires powering through the intersections. It is car action at its purest, so seeing a classic American car on the street is always an interesting occurrence, even if you are live in the United States.

The modern street décor consists of generic economy compacts and SUVs, making cars from the classic period of the American car industry almost extinct. Every time a classic Cadillac, Lincoln or a Buick graces the streets of your city with its enormous size or chrome fenders, it is a sight to behold. Just sit back and watch as non-car people rush to take pictures!

Volkswagen Beetle

Of course, we are talking about the classic one since the new Beetle is a pretty ordinary car which isn’t that interesting to anybody. The old VW Beetle however, which was in introduced in the late 1930s and discontinued in 2003 after almost 22 million examples sold is one of the favorite cars of non car people.

They simply adore it for its curvy lines, unique shape and characteristic flat-four engine sound. The main reason that non car guys like the classic Volkswagen Beetle is they didn’t drive it and they don`t know how slow, uncomfortable, noisy and inefficient it is. The Volkswagen Beetle may have made some sense in the `50s as an economy family car or in the `60s as a fashion statement of the hippy generation but that was it to be honest!

Ford Mustang

Even though the Mustang has been produced in over 9 million examples in six distinctive generations and it is Ford`s best known brand in history, it still generates attention even from non car-guys. The reason is pretty simple. The Ford Mustang is the epitome of car coolness and it always was a fantastic car and a symbol of muscle car culture. Even if you were living under a rock, you probably saw the Mustang in movies, music videos or magazines so the image of the car and its name is deeply planted in consciousness of every modern car person.

Lotus Elise

Most people know that exotic supercars are highly impractical in daily life, some of them being almost unusable as everyday transport. That is certainly true for the Lotus Elise, a mid level sports car with an appearance similar to cars 10 times its price! The Elise is perfect for the race track and tight back roads thanks to its low slung and supercar like design.

Little do most non car people know however, the Elise can actually be had for the same price as a new VW golf! Its exotic appearance and light weight fiberglass construction means that its sure to turn pretty much every head as you drive past. Its just as well that the Elises driving experience matches its stunning looks, which it certainly does!

Off-Road Vehicles

Over the last few decades, the car industry took the off-road SUV concept and turned it into a marketing image for suburban customers selling them lifted up wagons with front wheel drive and comfortable interiors. All of a sudden, the market was flooded with cars looking like they could cross the Sahara but in fact barely being able to get off the tarmac. That is why true off-road vehicles are actually quite rare today and there are just a few available to customers – the Jeep Wrangler, Mercedes G Class or recently discontinued Land Rover Defender.

Non car guys often respect real off-roaders simply down to their square looks, no nonsense exterior, all terrain tires and muddy fenders. The real off-road vehicle has the allure of adventure which is appealing to most people, even those without cars. These vehicles look like they are ready for an expedition to the farthest corners of the Earth, which will likely command you respect on the road!

So there you are. 7 Cars and car types that Non car-people love. Which cars did I forget? Let me know in the comments below.